New Smiles Welcome!


Dr. Williams offers orthodontics/braces to our adult patients as well as our younger patients. Many of our adults might have required braces when they were a child, but for whatever reason, this did not happen. Some of our adult patients may have had braces at a young age, but their teeth have shifted or their bite has changed, causing new orthodontic problems.


Orthodontics or braces treats improperly positioned teeth. Many of our suffering adult patients complain of headaches, neck pain, and dizziness, fainting, clicking or locking of jaws, ringing in the ears or earaches. Use of braces, appliances and orthodontic treatment applies gentle pressure to move teeth to their desired position. Orthodontics can improve both the appearance and the function of your teeth.


Dr. Williams offers a number of traditional and discreet solutions for our adult patients as far as their braces are concerned. Braces have come a long way over the years and Dr. Williams,  and the team here at Jeff Davis Dental pride themselves in offering patients the latest in orthodontic technology.


We encourage all of our adult patients to feel free to ask any questions about orthodontics and braces by speaking with either Dr. Williams or any of the Jeff Davis Dental team members today.





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